My Conversations With God

by vpundir | December 11th, 2007

As per my usual practice of walking by the Thames in the wee hours, today I was out there around 3 am. Upon reaching the Cadogan Pier by the Albert Bridge I stopped. This is the point from where I usually turn back to go home.

There had been a few things on my mind while walking down here, and I decided to seek inspiration from the Supreme Being. I said, within my mind, “God!” and looked up.

And, there it was: the sign. I kid you not, there was a large white cloud, clear against the night sky, in the shape of a hand giving the finger. Not the peculiar British two finger thing, but the American and almost universally communicable middle finger sign.

Now that, my friends, is a surefire conversation killer. Especially if one is trying to talk to one’s creator.

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