Night and Day

by vpundir | December 25th, 2007

When the evening sun sinks
into a river of liquid gold
When sky dons a dark robe
with starry jewellery bold

When Venus looks down at me
and gives me a knowing smile
From that moment till dawn
when sun’s reborn on the isle

I think of you, long for you
till sleep exacts its regime
Then I sleep knowing I will
see you again in my dream

I dream that I am the sunshine
that caresses your face fair
I dream I’m the wind that runs
its fingers through your hair

Sometimes I am your mirror
that gets to see you everyday
I am also the sweet fragrance
on your body that you spray

And I dream I am the watch
that forever holds your hand
The joke that makes you laugh
And your sojourn unplanned

I’m the rose you kiss, I am
everything you call your own
And whispering into your ear
why yes, I am your telephone

From the moment the sun rises
and birds of dawn start to crow
Till moon takes over the sky
and a defeated sun takes a bow

All the strands of my thoughts
begin with you, they end in you
You’re in meads, you’re in snow
And you’re in the pearls of dew

You’re in mountains, in forests
In rain and in clear blue skies
I find you are wherever I go
After all, you are in my eyes

You’re the air I breathe to live,
And the blood flowing in my veins
I’m free to fly like pegasus but
are there any stronger chains?

Distances wouldn’t keep us apart
were I the moon or wind, if only!
And my heart asks how is it that
you live in it, yet it’s lonely

The mere thought of you smiling
purifies this world of guile
Yes, all my smiles are yours
Yes, I need your lips to smile

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