Without a Paddle

by vpundir | September 21st, 2007

Thousands of miles away
and we’re oceans apart
You are so far from me
Yet, so close to my heart

And I wonder how you are,
whether bright or blue
I wonder whom you think of,
for I am thinking of you

I sit unmoving for hours
Forget to stop, when on road
I’m immersed in your thoughts
and my heart might explode

Daylong, surrounded by people
I wish the day to end and
for them to leave me alone
But then holding sun’s hand
the eve-belle takes it away,
Night steps on heart of land,
everyone’s left as I wished
The loneliness, I can’t stand

My feet are made of lead,
under their weight I crush
Thoughts, sparring warlords
turning my brain to mush

And if I smile sometime
Then my lips, they hurt
Like I’m living someone
else’s life, that curt

I breathe, I talk, I walk,
so I guess I am alive
In this living without you
but there is just no life

I know the day’ll be over soon
I agree when they tell me alas
life’s too short. But then,
why doesn’t this moment pass?

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