A Wonderful World

by vpundir | December 14th, 2007

Tomorrow the sun will rise again
And again the rooster will crow
The birds will sing from trees
Much to admire, love n’ explore

Flowers will smile brightly
with faces red, yellow, blue
Mountains will stand proudly
Clear rivers going through

A farmer will wake up early
He has a large field to plough
This harvest will pay his loan,
and as a free man he’ll glow

And if it turns out that
Zeus strikes lightning arrows
He knows, after every rain
there will soon be a rainbow

Little Jenny bought ski boots
She’s hoping that it’ll snow
so that she won’t have school
and ski down to the chateau

Workers will rush to their jobs
There’ll be traffic on the road
Children will laugh, play, learn
Little Polly will kiss a toad

A scientist will start over as
luck yet again shows caprice
Earth itself will hold still as
an artist finishes a masterpiece

One man will fall in love
Higher than eagles he’ll soar
Another will be heartbroken
and in grave pain to the core

One man will give up drinking
Another’ll pick it with a sigh
A president will declare a war
And two lovers will bid goodbye

And when sky wears a necklace
of stars and people get home
Cows will return to the barns
Grass’ll lie down on the loam

A poet will dip his pen into
his heart and bare his soul
A gypsy will sing of life-death
Others around him on the knoll

Families will gather round too
Together they’ll eat and laugh
Ma will grin with satisfaction
Children will be a little chaff

Little Mary will refuse to eat
She’ll say she hates broccoli
But as her father picks her up
On his lap, she’ll eat slowly

Witches, dwarves and princes
will lull children to sleep
Their mothers will stop by
to watch their faces sweet

Couples’ll argue ’bout things
too silly to really comprehend
Then in bed they’ll make up,
say sorry, promise to make amends

It will be a wonderful world
tomorrow right outside my door
Just the same as it is today
Only I won’t be in it anymore

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