by vpundir | March 1st, 2008

Spring is here, said a drop of dew
Spring is here, said Dêmêtêr’s statue
Spring is here, and the lady in blue
has woken up, but still in a dream
and walks down in a dress lime-green
whispered the wind as it blew

Spring is here, so where are you?
a songbird asked and then it flew
Earth’s desires stifled by winter virtue
erupt through its heart in forms many
sarso, sunflowers, trandafiri galbeni
all bright as sun, beau beaucoup

Spring is here, maybe it’s true
The evening sky’s taking your hue
Your laugh’s verve in brook’s revue
And when your smiles my lips grace
bright warm sunshine washes my face
Your fragrance in the air you imbue

Spring is here, I know it, I do
For poems, hopes and flowers too
vie to be as beautiful as you
My wish for you is, plainly said,
May spring kiss your forehead
everyday, all year through

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