Turning Back Time

by vpundir | April 12th, 2008

After a long while we spoke today
Today the sun shone after long
Everything is alright in the world
My head is humming an old song

All was beautiful, good and pure
Roads were short, weather was fine
My heart, it pines for you, says
O my dear, let’s turn back time

Let’s become strangers once again
And meet again in a strange land
Let’s start over, and once again
For first time let me kiss your hand

Let’s discover the sights and sounds
Let’s travel together on the train
Maybe under one umbrella we’ll soak
Once again, in the pouring rain

And once again on that winding road
Maybe you will call out my name
That’s all the fame I would need
Somethings would remain the same

And perhaps some would change too
Things’d be better, nothing to rue
Maybe I won’t make the mistakes
Maybe you’d love me even if I do

Maybe we could start from there
And create our beautiful domain
We can not be strangers anymore
Let’s meet again, let’s meet again

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