Sixty things Scotland gave the world

by vpundir | August 14th, 2005

That’s the name of a comedy show I saw today at The Stand, a cramped, smoky, hot and humid comedy-club in Edinburgh. It is presented by comedian Vladimir McTavish, a creation of Paul Sneddon, who also appears as football pundit Bob Doolally. In case you haven’t caught on, McTavish is a funny surname to have in Scotland.

Anyways, this particular post is not about the show that “celebrates the contributions of a small nation to the world”. Rather, inspired by the name of the show, I have set out to list 60 things Scotland gave the world. My list is not even halfway there yet, so feel free to let me know of items to add.

Without further ado, 60 things Scotland gave the world:
1. Golf
2. Proferssional football
3. Haggis
4. Kilt
5. Bagpipe
6. James Watt/ Steam-engine
7. Television
8. Telephone
9. Bus
10. Skyscrapers
11. Penicillin
12. Cloning/ Dolly
13. Loch Ness monster
14. Whisky
15. Irn Bru
16. Diseases with anything to do with excessive smoking or drinking
17. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle/ Sherlock Holmes
18. James Barrie/ Peter Pan
19. Robert Louis Stevenson/Jekyll & Hyde, Treasure Island, Kidnapped
20. Ian Fleming/ James Bond
21. Sean Connery
22. J.K.Rowling/ Harry Potter
23. Rob Roy
24. William Wallace
25. Mel Gibson (okay, well, so he’s Irish)/ Braveheart

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