Avoiding this movie should be a Basic Instinct too

by vpundir | April 6th, 2007

To tell you the truth, I brought this unto myself. I had read reviews (somehow, I rarely do that) panning Basic Instinct 2. But I had to check it out for myself.

In my defense, these uncharitable reviews didn’t think highly of the original either. While it was no great art, I found the original quite entertaining. Thus, I ascribed the harsh reviews to a difference in tastes. And, boy was I mistaken!

The seductress, while pretty hot for someone pushing 50, has neither the looks & charms nor the aggressive innocence that is really part of the main premise. Worse, thereafter everything is downhill. The dialog is badly written, and poorly delivered. The acting is perhaps the worst I have seen in quite a while, and that includes Turistas. There is no spark in the lust. There is no consternation of emotions. There is no profound self-doubt. There is no headstrong faith. Truly, there’s no movie.

In all fairness, the plot probably wasn’t a complete goner, but the toxic cocktail of bad screenplay, bad direction and bad editing killed it. By the time the obligatory twist in the tale arrives, you are bored out of your mind.

Do yourself a favor: do not be sucked into watching this movie; it is the definition of a catastrophic failure.

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