Pesky Canadians!

by vpundir | June 8th, 2007

This is embarrassing! When the check-in staff arrive finally, I am told that I can’t board the plane as Canada requires a transit visa, and my Canadian visit visa expired in April. Aarghh!

The truth is that so far in my travels I haven’t had to have a transit visa for hops/ stopovers when there is not need to step out of the airport. So, while I had written to the Canadian embassy in Washington D.C. inquiring about it, I did not follow up when I didn’t receive a response from them.

Hmm…so was it merely a coincidence that my travel agency for this trip is called Adventure Travel Service?

Anyways, after several hours of trying to figure out the best way out, I’ve booked a Virgin Atlantic flight from Newark for tomorrow (thank you Adventure Travel’s rep says I wasn’t marked as “no show”, so I might be able to get something back for that unused ticket. I certainly hope so.

So, what’s the plan for today? I could take a last look at the city, maybe click a few pictures. But first, let me get some sleep – haven’t had much of that in the past couple of days. Holiday Inn, here I come.

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