Strange and Stranger

by vpundir | July 20th, 2007

Recently I met a perfect stranger
She is perfect and she is stranger
than strange, for tho we never met before,
she seems a part of me long estranged

There’s a kiss in her lively eyes
And though I have a solemn guise
when they whisper unspoken dreams
I’m drunk on them, that’s my vice

What she says I can listen to for years
Voice of the world is noise to my ears
And even her silence is so winsome,
there’s no need for words it appears

When she’s by me life is beautiful
When she’s not, God seems so cruel
When her eyes laugh and her lips
pucker into a smile, I’m invincible

Yes, her smile’s like light of a temple
Bright as a thousand suns, that simple
Am I flying with the curly lock or am I
drowning in the vortex of the dimple?

Though she lives far, another country
I speak not her words, but I can see
If I ask her to, and she smiles for me
my life would be hers, and so would I be

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