Not the Same Anymore

by vpundir | August 2nd, 2007

I am sure that this is
the same city as before
Lovely palaces and gardens,
heroes and tales of yore

Evenings are still bright,
streets alive and buzzing,
with shoppers and tourists,
and new couples gushing

The cheerful pint after work,
and surely there still are
lively performers on street and
shrill edicts in subway car

The museums still herald
the culture and high arts
The theaters still showcase
striking beauty, timeless smarts

Yellow roses still bloom
in palace garden by the tank
The Eye still watches over
the town from the river bank

Everything’s the same
yet something feels so amiss
It’s still the same life,
yet I stop and reminisce

Whither ist the spring
of my step, and my mind
I’m alone in the crowd
In expanses I’m confined

Yes, I said goodbye
with my heart in a writhe
The one leaving town took
the whole town alongwith

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