The Irony

by vpundir | August 26th, 2004

True, I was sad but at least I didn’t know as much
Sure, I didn’t know that I was waiting for your touch

Yes, I was alone but at least wasn’t lonely
Till I hadn’t seen your face so lovely

I used to think that I was in control of my life
And then you walked in and bared the strife

You have turned everything in my life topsy turvy
An acute pain of the realization that I was unhappy

I have been longing for you since I was born
Didn’t know you but eternally love-lorn

Watching your bright smile light up the room
Makes me believe that I can ward off the gloom

The way wind blows up your tress
Reassures me that I am capable of bliss

I have the whole world in my control
And you have control on which way I roll

So near – just need move my hand to touch yours
Yet so far that I’d not try and sit still for hours

My dream that steals my sleep, My life yet not in my life,
My love, are you my greatest joy, or my biggest plight?

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