Far, Near: Prose In Verse

by vpundir | September 24th, 2007

I wander in a foreign land
That’s what a wanderer does
I don’t decide where I go
Feet take me where they must

‘Tis where they bring me now
My eyes n’ ears too conspired
For to hear her voice and
see her smile they desired

A dark night of a long day
I search for her in the alley
She’s standing in the stairs,
I see then, front of a galley

She turns arounds, spots me
Her face glows with a smile
I want to stop in my tracks,
Watch that look for a while

And I thought not it possible
But this cool eve of September
Standing there she’s no doubt
More beautiful than I remember

So I just walk down to her
She steps forward, it’s fate
Embraces me with a “Hello” and
I wish time would stop and wait

As we go inside the place
She asks me, “How are you?”
How am I? “No complaints”
And believe it, that’s true

But I just leave it at that
Don’t finish my words through
“No complaints of my life
One that led me to meet you”

Tho’ I listen to her friends
And I laugh at their jokes
Small talk isn’t of interest
No sentiment it provokes

If you don’t say the one thing
You want so much it does you maul
Where is the merit in saying
anything but anything at all?

And all I really want to do
is reach over, grab n kiss her
And to hold her in my arms
and to stay that way for ever

But I avoid all tactility
My heart’s stubborn child is gruff
Wants “all or nothing” & knows
Her slightest touch’d make it tough

Her touch, her glance, her smile
It’d make me weak n’ do me hew
I might just be lost forever
without a chance of rescue

To be lost or torn apart
I don’t know what’s worse
It maybe dull, prosaic to you
But to me it’s all inverse

When we were a long way afar
I spent every second with her
Musings of her loomed by day
by night her dreams occured

And now that I sit alongside
there’s a yawning gap between
I sit tight deadpan or else
I know which way I’d careen

Night gets late, gathering over
We’re split up, bidding goodnight
She wakes me later, her face
so close to mine, smile so bright

My lips caress her face, quivering
My head rests on hers, eyes close
My face aches, but I let escape
words nor kisses, mighty flows

Is not a fire in sight
Does something burn inside?
Can’t see the flames, for sure
But smoke gets in my eyes

But then she kisses my eyes,
my lips n face, holds my hand
She kisses my face some more
Kisses that say, “I understand”

My face is soaked with kisses
Like torrential showers they rain
As a cool stream through desert
They wash away all the pain

When my eyes open, she’s gone
And I am all alone in my bed
Sitting still and pondering
Every thing that was unsaid

Well, ’twas a dream perhaps
It must have been a dream
Because my face still aches
And there’s no cool stream

There’s not a fire in sight
Does something burn inside?
Can’t see the flames, I know
Yet smoke gets in my eyes

I hear that some times
some dreams do come true
I wonder what wishes are
the ones that bear fruit

You might think I’m daft,
weird, pathetic or insane
Truth be told, I’d agree but
what to do with the pain?

Don’t make fun, don’t cry for me
And certainly hold the requiem
My destiny’s far, I know, but what
keeps me alive is chasing the dream

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