by vpundir | October 14th, 2007

Just came across the song “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette (yes, I am a dinosaur). I have to say that I think the song is aptly titled.

And here’s the irony: This song about ironies and titled “Ironic” has been written by a woman who has not the faintest idea of what irony means.

“An old man turned ninety-eight. He won the lottery and died the next day”
What’s ironic about that? Well, it could be ironic if the guy died of chronic emphysema caused by inhaling all the rubber scratched off thousands of lottery tickets over decades.

“It’s like rain on your wedding day”
Hmm….only ironic if you are marrying Surya bhagwan, the Sun God.

“Mr. Play-it-Safe was afraid to fly. He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids goodbye. He waited his whole damn life to take that flight. And as the plane crashed down…”
That could be ironic if he were flying to an aviophobics conference.

“It’s meeting the man of my dreams, And then meeting his beautiful wife”
Really, Alanis, there is no irony in that. Well, okay, a little bit of irony if the wife is your “relationship advisor” you hired to improve your “luck”, and one who had vowed never to marry at that.

“It’s a traffic jam when you’re already late”
That’s not ironic – that’s just an annoyance. Unless, of course, you are the town planner of your city and are late for receiving an award for reducing congestion on the city roads.

I could rant on and on, but you get the idea. Somebody please strengthen English language education in schools of native English speakers!

Click here to read the lyrics of the song

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